Considering Buying A Property

When considering buying a property, there are many things to consider. One of your first considerations should be “Would we be better off talking to our bank or a mortgage associate?” There are a number of reasons why talking to Wise Mortgage would be the right choice. Here are a few of them -

1. Wise Mortgage rates often beat banks’ posted rates by more than 1-2%. This can save you thousands of dollars.

2. Even when renewing ‘good’ clients, banks often do not use their best rates.

3. As the client’s consultant, we consider other criteria, not just rate. This can save you from paying higher fees or not having the options you need in your mortgage.

4. Banks can only offer their own products. We work with dozens of lenders.

5. Our services are FREE, as we are paid by all those lenders.

6. Your credit score is pulled just once. Going to multiple banks, means they will each have to pull it, which lowers your credit score.

7. We help clients pay off their mortgage sooner, and pay less interest.

8. Our office hours can include evenings or weekends to work around your schedule.

9. With a FREE planning session, we can help clients heal their credit scores, plan for retirement, or plan ahead before they launch their own business.

10. So whether you are planning to purchase or renewing a mortgage,– it would be best to chat with us first to ask questions and do some planning.